Skelet web studio

Skelet is a small montreal based web studio founded by Raphael Teberjian and supported by talented collaborators.
Get in touch at [email protected]

You're gonna love us*

Design / Strategy / Content / Development

City of montreal in the winter City of montreal in the winter

We're great at figuring out what your needs are and building digital products to meet them.

The web can be a confusing place, but we strive for simplicity.
Our approach is down to earth and transparent.

Our services

Make waves.

We often work with clients who have an established web presence and who wish to improve and refresh their image.
Our little web studio has the expertise and flexibility to build boutique solutions to help grow your business.

Made for humans.

Our work is built with real people in mind. The human experience is our core focus and we hope it shows in our work :)

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